Lt. Grover Park

From the site Jersey City: Past and Present:

The Lieutenant Robert P. Grover Memorial Park is located at the northwest corner of Broadman Parkway and John F. Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City. It is one of numerous municipal “pocket” parks which can be found throughout the city. Slightly less than one hundred feet square, Lt. Grover Park lies in the shadow of Snyder High School which stands directly across the street on Kennedy Boulevard.

The park features a fenced-in grassy area with several large shade trees. A pathway curves across the park connecting the Broadman Parkway entrance with another on Kennedy Boulevard.  Recently, a local neighborhood organization, the Redstone Townhomes Neighborhood Association, has partnered with the City of Jersey City and the SIM-P Planning and Architecture Group to develop a plan for improving and enhancing the park with new seating areas and floral plantings which will make it more attractive and user-friendly.

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