Starting A Park Group

Starting a Park Group could be an important step in developing community ownership over our public spaces. Park Groups are usually composed of a group of citizens who have a common interest in their local park. There are a diversity of activities that the group can engage in to move their goals forward such as fundraising, volunteering, and advocating to conserve a specific park or increase the tree canopy in Jersey City.

In an effort to make it an easier process and serve as a support system The Jersey City Parks Coalition has made a commitment to support individuals and community members interested in starting a Park Group, as we understand the power that local citizens can have in shaping the decisions that are made to improve our local environment. Therefore, we would like to invite those interested to become Members of the Parks Coalition.

Membership Benefits Includes: 

  • Shared protocols to facilitate best practices as a volunteer group; such as governing by-laws, agenda formats and topics pertaining to other operating matters.
  • Educational programming and workshops
  • Support for community events & other efforts by park groups, as requested.
  • Representation with municipal & county governments on park issues
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)with the City of Jersey City specifically for the purpose of:
    •    Sharing of information concerning City Parks;
    •   Facilitating community input into City Parks;
    •   Collaborating on programs and events taking place in City Parks;
    •   Continuing and enabling the JCPC to seek public and private grants and other funds on behalf of the City where funding would go directly to       capital improvements, developments, and community education, engagement, or programming to engage Jersey City residents in City Parks.
  • Corporate volunteer opportunities directed to individual parks
  • Grant opportunities utilizing the JCPC 501c3 status (with board approval)
  • Participation in City-wide beatification projects
  • Comradery with like-minded people
  • Fundraising Opportunities

Membership Documents 

  1. Parks Coalition Membership Package 
  2. Jersey City Parks Coalition ByLaws
  3. Memorandum of Understanding 
  4. Department Of Treasury 

For more information contact Laura Skolar Jersey City Parks Coalition President at e-mail