Paulus Hook Park

From their website:

Paulus Hook Park consists of four pocket parks located at the intersection of Grand and Washington Streets, and was once the vibrant cultural and social hub of Jersey City’s oldest historic district, Paulus Hook. The park was drawn into the original 1804 Mangin planning map of Powles Hook.

The park’s rich history began with early Dutch settlements in the 1600s, but with the development of Paulus Hook in 1804, the area was covered by landfill, since what is now a street grid mapped with historic brownstones was once a swamp on three sides, and the Hudson river flanking it to the west at Hudson Street. But in 1779 the intersection of Grand and Washington Streets was a geographic high point, and as such was home to a British-held Revolutionary War fort. On August 19, Major Henry Light Horse Harry Lee lead a group of patriots to the fort, and in the early morning hours overtook its occupants in the name of the patriots, in what is now known as the Battle of Paulus Hook.

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