Riverview-Fisk Park

From the Central Avenue SID website:

Riverview Fisk Park is a wonderful park located at the edge of the Heights. Riverview is located on Palisade Avenue. The park contains magnificent views of both the New York City Skyline and the Hudson River as well as the Verrazano Bridge and the George Washington Bridge. These views can be enjoyed while relaxing in the park gazebo. The Park also has a host of recreational activities such as two basketball courts and a playground for children. Due to the amazing views, Fourth of July has become a major day for the park. On this holiday thousands of people gather to watch the displays of fireworks across the New York skyline. This has become a tradition for lots of families and brings many newcomers each year.

Located in the Heights section of Jersey City, Riverview-Fisk Park is known for its great views, lively farmers market, and the Riverview Jazz Festival. For more info about the park and its events, check out the page for the Riverview Neighborhood Association.